Our Mission


altar call at Shady Oak Baptist Church

The Shady Oak Baptist Church is committed to the Kingdom of God. This commitment mandates that we build ministries that deal with the whole person. Our main purpose is to follow the example of Jesus Christ and to yield to the instructional, elevating and anointing power of the Holy Spirit; to evangelize the world in order to bring souls into the Kingdom; to edify the Body of Christ and motivate all committed Christians to be workers in the ministry of the Church and the Kingdom of God; to educate mankind so that people will be motivated to use their gifts; to live effective and authentic Christian lives; therefore, demonstrating the process of salvation in their lives.

Our goal is to do ministry God’s way. We will not get bogged down in the past, but set our sights on what God has in store for us in blessings, in ministry, and in work. Using the Bible as our primary guide and allowing God to work in us so that when the world witnesses Him they witness us. To this end, we will work with the philosophy, “A Church Committed to the Kingdom”, is made manifest in all that we do.

We've worked very hard to make Shady Oak Baptist Church more than just a local church. Join our community and become part of the conversation.